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Samurai World of Warcraft HORDE Guild | 2006 - 2014

That's it folks!

If you following our news, you already know that we have stopped raiding some time now. The reason behind this decision is that simply...we get bored of the game. We had the privilege to play along great players these 8 years, many of our members joined us as students and left with wifes and children.
We had many great moments and ofc many drama stories & queens. Thousands of loots and lootwhores! Hundreds of members joined us all these years, in their majority Greek Players as in most of our days, we chose to play only with Greeks. 

I will keep this page just as a reminder, you can visit our Facebook Page for more than 900 images and latest news and our Youtube channel for all our videos. On this page, you can see some of our images and hear World of Warcraft Music. Change songs or images through the controller on the bottom.
Also you can see our videos within our site here, just press the button on the right.

We may unite again in another mmo or propably not. Hope everyone the best, and remember, World of Warcraft was just a game...

Lefteris | Cerberos, Panther, Lykaios ...